Granlen Inc. is a multinational contract research organization offering worldwide solutions. Granlen provides integrated drug discovery and development to the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Our cutting-edge facilities are located in Zhengzhou, China and our management team is based in San Diego and China. Granlen’s executives were trained in the U.S. and have more than 50 years of working and management experience in the academic, biotech and pharmaceutical industries. 

We pride ourselves on our culture of quality, along with the ability to provide rapid responses to meet the needs of our clients. Our chemistry teams are best-in-class, allowing Granlen to offer custom compound libraries for drug discovery, hit-to-lead bioanalysis, optimization and medicinal chemistry expertise. A range of chemistry services support Granlen’s drug discovery capabilities: custom synthesis, intermediates, reference compounds, metabolites, impurities and route scouting. We also provide process development, scale-up, analytical method development & validation and other services in support of IND preparation.


Organic Synthesis
Total Synthesis of Natural Products
New Drug Discovery and Development
Computer-Aided Drug Design
Medicinal Chemistry
Bioorganic Chemistry
Combinatorial Chemistry
Heterocyclic and Macrocyclic Chemistry
Nucleosides, Nucleotides and Nucleic Acids
Process Development and Large Scale Synthesis
Stability studies and analytical testing
In vitro & in vivo PK Studies
Pharmacology and Toxicology Studies
Granlen’s commitment to excellence and our collaborative research approach truly sets us apart. Reliability is central to what we do and it’s essential for successful client collaboration.
Our extensive infrastructure allows us to provide precise services quickly. Our reliable, rapid, targeted services are reflected in our thorough documentation, adhering to the highest industry standards.
Granlen’s teams are prepared to exceed your expectations and become your partner of choice for chemistry discovery and development.
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