Formulation development, sourcing, packaging and regulatory approval can create unexpected challenges in your company’s drug development journey. A misstep at any of these stages may cause lengthy and costly delays to your programs. Frontida supports pharmaceutical companies by creating a seamless transition at each stage of drug product development. In addition to our highly experienced team, we offer a number of drug development technologies that facilitate the commercialization of safe pharmaceutical products. 

At Frontida, our goal is to provide peace of mind by leveraging decades of expertise gained from working in the contract drug development and manufacturing (CDMO) space. Our three facilities are cGMP certified, FDA inspected and with 325,000 sq.ft., large enough to accommodate commercial-scale projects.

Frontida delivers a comprehensive suite of services that are built to guide you from proof of concept to commercialization. Our integrated service teams are equipped with experienced, trusted leaders from the top pharmaceutical companies. From drug development to scale-up through packaging, we are ready to support you with efficiency in every part of your drug product development.  

Our R&D Team includes 40+ specialists in technology innovation, formulation, analytical method development and technical services. Since our formation, we have helped dozens of clients optimize processes, develop formulations and manage their supply chains to have launched 15+ products and 20+ filings since 2016.  

Our experienced Project Managers are here to guide you through every step of the way and focus on your needs, ensuring that your project is delivered on time. With a detailed-oriented lens, they oversee all the activities and progress of your project. 

Frontida can offer your company unique solutions including:  

Pharmaceutical Development
Fixed-dose combination development
Bi-Layer tablet compression with solvent capabilities
Specialty encapsulation: AdaptDose™ Technology with multiple populations in one capsule
Wurster Coating Drug Delivery Development spheres for oral delivery, including food sprinkle dosage forms
Mini-Tab development
Solvent granulation and coating process development
Abuse deterrence for controlled drug formulation development
Long-acting injectable product development
Streamlined approaches to development that reduce product development lead times and Critical Process Validation  
Wurster Coating Drug Delivery Development spheres for oral delivery, including food sprinkle dosage forms
DuraGran® process is used to build beads and controlled release granules, reducing drug-layer production time and costs
Engineering support for technical transfers, commercial launch and finished product distribution