Pharmaceutical Manufacturing 

Frontida provides flexible solutions for the pharmaceutical manufacturing of oral solid doses (OSD). As a company, the quality of our services in drug product development and manufacturing are of utmost importance. We are proud to offer our clients services that include clinical trial materials, commercial manufacturing, and packaging. 

As a one-stop CDMO, Frontida is capable of developing and manufacturing oral solid dose products from beginning to end. With this in mind, we are also capable of taking your pre-established projects and tech transfer into our facilities. With our 325,000+ sq ft GMP facilities, located in Philadelphia, PA and Aurora, IL, we have the capacity to manufacture up to 3 billion units per year.

In addition, Frontida provides expertise and regulatory adherence for scale-up and manufacturing of schedule II-V drug products. Our facilities are fully licensed and inspected by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

Capsules and Tablets

Frontida’s facilities include state-of-the-art equipment to produce up to 3 billion capsules and tablets per year. Our pilot/scale-up and commercial equipment include:
V Blender
Double Cone Blender
Fluid Bed 
High Shear Granulator
Wet/Dry Mill
Tablet Press
Coating Pan 
Roller Compaction 

Commercial-Scale Fluid Bed Capabilities

Frontida’s pharmaceutical fluid bed operations in Aurora, IL incorporate Wurster fluid bed technology capable of operating with numerous solvents. This allows for the application of uniform filmcoating throughout the manufacturing of clinical and commercial-scale drug products. In addition, DuraGran® technology allows us to minimize the amount of excipients used to manufacture beads or controlled release granules. We accomplish this without the use of spheronization or extrusion equipment while creating discreet and uniform taste-masked beads.
Our 325,000ft² facility can manufacture up to 3 billion units per year. We supply oral pharmaceuticals to the U.S. market using our expertise in controlled release granules, serialization, blister and bottle packaging, powder packaging in stick packs, fluid bed operations, solvent processing, and DEA controlled substances.

Frontida is a contract development and manufacturing organization that works collaboratively with clients to bring products to the pharmaceutical market. We offer formulation, analytical method development and validation, process development, commercial manufacturing packaging and more.

We strive to improve the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries by working with scientists who are dedicated to coming up with the best solutions for clients and patients. Our team is also extensively experienced in the development and manufacturing of oral dosage forms, including tablets and capsules.